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So I'd love to know if its possible...

My own personal circumstances are that I have been in education for 5 years and now looking to go back to my old profession (well until I can get my Photography business off the ground that is). Unfortunately I don't have a job yet but the Irish budget just came in so fingers crossed companies will start hiring again :) But any way, the point is that I was unable to pledge as much as I actually wanted to. So my question is, if I manage to change my circumstances, can I upgrade my pledge? Maybe as a Christmas present for myself or something. I know this would put a burden on you guys to track all this and make sure that old Kickstarter pledges and new Paypal upgrades are connected but would be nice. I do however understand if its not possible

I think @Ralph would be the best person to tag here ;)

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Guest Alan Lawrance will be getting an overhaul to improve the design and make it more effective for fundraising. When that is available, backers will be able to increase their pledge level if desired, and also purchase Add-Ons.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.