TLD Snowglobes For Sale

Bill Tarling

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Going back through the backer perks, I suddenly realized there's a novelty merchandising item for the future to consider (that it seemed so appropriate for the first TLD game)...

I wonder if there's any chance we might eventually be able to buy a TLD Snowglobe?

[ it would make a great promo piece too ] :oP

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I feel like the base shouldn't be some polished/painted wood. But rather something more "found" or handmade.

ummmm.... like a pancake? *jk*

The Aurorae effect is easy enough to do in a snow globe (could even really enhance it with an on/off button or tap switch to shine a green LED onto a clear inner wall -- that way it would also have a glowing effect at night. You could even use a few glow in the dark highlights on the cabin or snow

Actually, as a promo giveaway for media or tradeshows (if that's what's done), keeping manufacturing costs down would likely be priority... For selling, a merchandise version could be upped and customized a bit more.

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