Improving the realism of certain locations


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There are a number of places in the game which don't add up.

For example. The Forest lookout in the Mystery lake region is such a remote location, and yet they don't have a wood store? I mean, do they go marching down all the way to get wood from the forest EVERY MORNING? and cart a whole bundle of logs back up? I think not.

The plateau on which the lookout is situated could do with a little lean to, perhaps with a few scraps of logs next to it, a defunct generator (how else are you going to power the lights and the radio?) with a jerry can half full next to it. Possibly another flagpole with a Maple-leaf flying.

Another inaccuracy is the logger's cabins. Do they drag the logs along with their mighty Canadian beards? There should be a logging lorry next to the camp:


Perhaps it could be entered and rifled through, and with a siphon-able tank to steal what was left behind when the lumberjacks upped sticks and moved out.

I would request log piles next to every house with a chimney, but due to the adverse conditions, most is frozen under the snow (I can personally attest to how difficult it is to retrieve and burn logs that have frozen together in the winter). A chopping block with a hatchet embedded in it would also be nice (obviously this would be a low quality, badly damaged one).

The Misanthropes homestead - how does he get to and from his island? there's no boat on the shore. Does he do a Vladimir Putin, slog down a gallon of Vodka, and do his human icebreaker impression? However impressive this may sound, I think not. Therefore, I request a small row boat either frozen on the shoreline of the island, or tucked under a cover. Either way, a small basket on board with fishing tackle and some basic food would be interesting.

I haven't yet managed to explore much of Pleasant valley due to exams, dying computers and other events, but I will see mention any places that might need a spruce up with this kind of thing.

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