(Xb1) 2.57 - better gameplay but more crashes


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Lets get the bugs / negative stuff out the way quickly.

Please note all these are while playing on Stalker.

* More game freezing. Appears totally random with no certain criteria causing it that i can see.

* Wolf fights don't make sense? The bar building up appears to represent nothing as wolves can flee / die at any time?

* Scarfs can be repaired without a sewing kit.

* Boiling 0.5 litres of water at times appears to not use any game time, where as boiling 1.5 litres has a few times increased time by over an hour.

* I have had an 8h plus fire burning, cooked one lot of wolf meat, and my fire was reduced to embers despite still having 30C+ temperature. Adding more wood did not increase the duration.

Changes i like -

* Brilliant direction weather effects. Loved them before but its even better now.

* Sprinting is a huge improvement.

* Foraging for wood is MUCH better. And makes finding a hatchet quickly absolutely essential.

* The new First Aid screen is easier to understand (though does lack the medi kits charm).

* Nice new effects, (though i do miss the big blocks of fire!).

* Wind protection icon is much more informative.

* New inventory screen controls a massive improvement, i no longer accidentally re-sort everything.

Changes I do not like -

* You can no longer press B to 'sheath/un-sheath' the last item you had equipped. You must equip it again from the menu.

* The amount of ammo you are carrying is always displayed on screen when holding a gun. It appears cluttered.

* Personally I do not like being able to see the exact duration torches / lamps etc will burn for.

* Snow flakes appear very bright on the screen at night time?

* Some furniture, such as a tiny crate, would not take 30mins to break down with your hands!

Changes I would like to see -

* A minimalistic hud PLEASE. I do not need to know the controls every time i equip the same item.

* You should only see your ammo count on screen when reloading.

* B should once again sheath / un-sheath your last item equipped.

Overall though, a great update :) loving it. Great work.

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