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(Xb1) 2.57 - better gameplay but more crashes

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Lets get the bugs / negative stuff out the way quickly.

Please note all these are while playing on Stalker.

* More game freezing. Appears totally random with no certain criteria causing it that i can see.

* Wolf fights don't make sense? The bar building up appears to represent nothing as wolves can flee / die at any time?

* Scarfs can be repaired without a sewing kit.

* Boiling 0.5 litres of water at times appears to not use any game time, where as boiling 1.5 litres has a few times increased time by over an hour.

* I have had an 8h plus fire burning, cooked one lot of wolf meat, and my fire was reduced to embers despite still having 30C+ temperature. Adding more wood did not increase the duration.

Changes i like -

* Brilliant direction weather effects. Loved them before but its even better now.

* Sprinting is a huge improvement.

* Foraging for wood is MUCH better. And makes finding a hatchet quickly absolutely essential.

* The new First Aid screen is easier to understand (though does lack the medi kits charm).

* Nice new effects, (though i do miss the big blocks of fire!).

* Wind protection icon is much more informative.

* New inventory screen controls a massive improvement, i no longer accidentally re-sort everything.

Changes I do not like -

* You can no longer press B to 'sheath/un-sheath' the last item you had equipped. You must equip it again from the menu.

* The amount of ammo you are carrying is always displayed on screen when holding a gun. It appears cluttered.

* Personally I do not like being able to see the exact duration torches / lamps etc will burn for.

* Snow flakes appear very bright on the screen at night time?

* Some furniture, such as a tiny crate, would not take 30mins to break down with your hands!

Changes I would like to see -

* A minimalistic hud PLEASE. I do not need to know the controls every time i equip the same item.

* You should only see your ammo count on screen when reloading.

* B should once again sheath / un-sheath your last item equipped.

Overall though, a great update :) loving it. Great work.

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Thanks for the feedback!

If you haven't done so already, please be sure to post bugs and technical issues in our Tech Forums. Our tech team doesn't really track anything outside of that forum, so it makes things much easier for them if they're centralized.

Thanks again!

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