Multiple Uses For More Varied Crafting Materials

random calliope

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If crafting materials, such as maple, birch, and hides had multiple uses the player would have to carefully balance their needs. This would give more depth to the game, as well as more challenge, IMO.

Along similar lines, scrap metal could be less generalized. If a player harvests a lantern or can opener they could get a generic sprocket with their general metal. To fully repair either they would need a generic sprocket. This part would be of no use to repair a hatchet. It wouldn't be necessary to go so far as making sure that part actually fit (lantern sprocket must be used to repair a lantern sprocket, for example), unless you really want to go that far in developing the game. Are you going that far eventually?

In summary, I recommend more granularity in categorizing harvested resources, and multiple uses for materials, to increase the depth of crafting and repairs, and the overall challenge.

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