"Wolf aggro + fishing huts" nonsense is still not fixed


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You all know the drill:

- Be in a hut, fishing.

- A wolf stumbles into your range, goes into attack mode which you can't cancel.

- Keeps running around the hut forever, trapping you.

- Eventually other wolf will join him, repeat.

This needs to stop.

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If you played any, you'd know that once they're in fight mode you can neither outrun nor scare them. Sure, you can try shooting it, but you don't always have a rifle (didn't find one yet or even play completely without it, since it's such a crutch). It's just a workaround for the broken AI.

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The AI should be tweaked to either be able to navigate inside the hut and force the encounter, or break off an engagement if the Wolf hasn't caught the player after a certain amount of time. In an old build I was trapped by a wolf in a derelict building with a stove in ML. The fact I could harvest wood to keep the fire going and make water was the only thing that kept me alive and gathering strength to fight it off.

But yeah, if you've got a knife or hatchet to break the ice for fishing, you're gonna have to take the Wolf on. Hope you're carrying bandages!

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