#63 Giant heavy bandage


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This one didn't affect the gameplay, it was just very odd. I was at the lookout and realized I had to drop some stuff. Started by dropping a heavy bandage and saw this:


Picked it up and it was still huge:






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So I have diligently been trying to recreate this bug with little success but I got these shots which may help. Started a new game went straight to the Lake Cabin, went to the medkit and collected a heavy bandage. The preview of the new item was larger than the one I had with me to start the game. My guess is it may have to do with some of the randomization when the game loads for the first time. Alan mentioned that it's not so much putting random stuff in places but rather everything is everywhere and the randomization simply turns on and off the items. An even further grab in the dark is that these objects that we have seen as over sized are are like that in their attributes from the get go and we have difficulty reproducing it because of the randomness of their appearance. Wild stab in the dark 2 is that it has to do with the search and preview of an object. That is where the mesh is enlarged for better viewing and it just might not get shrunk back down when dropped in the game. What do you think?




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I'm happy to report this bug is fixed.

The issue had to do with obtaining gear items from containers that were scaled down. The problem was gear in these containers had their local scale value artificially enlarged to offset the reduced scale of their parent (i.e., the container). In Unity, the scale value of a parent is automatically applied to its children.

There was some code in Inspect mode that "saved" off the scale of the item and restored it (since the item scale is modified for the inspection mode)... however it was saving this artificially enlarged scale value. When the gear item was removed from the parent it was left scaled up.

In particular the backpack has a scale value of 0.135, and the metal box is 0.2. My guess is the heavy bandage came from one of these two container types (gear would have been scaled up ~7.4x or 5x).

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