Bug report Hotfix to v.257


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Just got the patch and when starting the game on PC I noticed the curser and the selection is not lined up. Meaning if I want to load a saved game I have to hover over sandbox, for quit I have to hover between load and options. Was fine last night. In game, all buttons, arrows and things you can select are off set from above the curser. If I want to select 5 of something to put in a cabinite I have to click above the arrow or I can use the arrow keys. This patch needs to be checked and resolved.

Because of this offset its very difficult if your trying to do things fast for instance your about to die unless you eat or drink and you have to locate/search for the spot so that the button highlights. Im going to wait till this is fixed and I was all pumped to play with 80+ days under my belt.

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After a suggestion from a user over at the steam forums I checked my resolution, it was not at 1920x1200 as usual. It had changed to 1920x1080. Once I changed it back to where it should be the cursor is now lining up correctly.

To be completely honest I cant say the hotfix changed my setting but I wanted to make sure I didnt post a false problem.

So this is now more of a suggestion in case anyone who runs on a laptop notices this issue and what maybe to check for in case after the latest patch.

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