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Hi everyone, hope this finds you warm and sheltered. I've been playing TLD for a few months now, I joined right as the bow update launched. I just hit my 200th hour in game last night, and my longest run has been in the 200-300--day mark. It would have been longer, but I just love the early game so much I had to start a new one. I have done all the achievements except for exploration, and have added some difficult challenges to my playthroughs (I posted two of them to the TLD subreddit).

My favorite part about TLD is the meditative experience. I love how (for the most part) making the decisions that I would were I in this situation is often the right choice, and how slow, careful play is both fun and rewarding. I also love the first few moments on a new playthrough, the panic of reaching slight comfort, gaining your bearings, etc.

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I thought I recognized your username! So glad to see you've joined us here as well.

Congratulations on your milestones. I haven't come anywhere close to surviving that long myself! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game (200 hours!) , and really excited to hear that the game's central themes really seem to be resonating with you.

Thanks so much for posting and for joining the community! Welcome!

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