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After finally getting my computer off its sorry backside, due to it crashing 3 weeks ago and requiring a clean install of Windows 7, I thought I would play about a bit on TLD.

First of all, before I get to the feature request, I would like to congratulate the Hinterland team on freshening up the old maps. The new ambient music, the weather conditions, even the little sticks and branches you find poking out of the snow. It's astonishing that these little changes have really given the Mystery Lake map a nice, clean, fresh outlook. It almost feels like a new game. Well done.

Now onto the actually feature requests.

Firstly, I would like to request an improvement to the sky box. The sun is huge (alright, artwork, fair enough) but I shouldn't be able to look directly at it and see a distinct circle. When looking directly at it, I think there should be an "glare" mechanism, whereby the players FOV completely whites out if they look directly at the sun.

Additionally, I would like small hooks to be added in houses, in strategic places on the ceiling.

They can either be pulled out and used for fishing tackle, or you can leave them be and hang a lantern up so that the entire room is lit from one lantern, rather than constantly having to find a surface on which to place it on.

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