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I was thinking why do we always need to go to our menu and drink every few hours? it gets a bit tedious and annoys me a bit. Does it annoy you guys/girls?

I was thinking it would be so cool if the game automated the drinking part?. keep the melting snow/boiling water the same.

Example - I just melted/boiled 3.0 litres of water. So I sort of figure this might last me 2-5 days.

Then when I'm thirsty the game goes to a quick drinking auto mode scene of some sort, with an option to tap out key to not drink if you wish. so basically all we do as gamers is watch this automated scene or tap out to cancel doing that process.

I think something like this would add to the game or maybe not lol, what do you think?

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I brought up the idea of "equipping" a water bottle, much like the canteen in Fallout 3: New Vegas. If you had it on you the player would drink from it occasionally. You would be the "glup, gulp" sound to let you know they were drinking. When it ran out, they would actual say something about being out of water.

The community, by in large, did not like the idea. They wanted drinking water to be something that took focus away, leaving you exposed and open for whatever.

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