Fearless Wolf Bug (I guess?)


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So, you've all been in this situation. Hey, where did that wolf come from. Keep your cool and stay collected. Fire a shot off. Miss by a long shot. Flip out, throw all that collected out the window, scramble for a flare, and light it just in the nick of time.

Well, that happened to me, and when, in my moment of triumph, I threw my flare at the wolf to scare it away? I sort of accidentally decked it in the head and it immediately pounced on me, ignoring the flare altogether. :/

So, I guess the game makes the wolf scared when the flare hits the ground and not when the flare is coming at it? I know I'd be pretty terrified if someone hit me in the face with a lit flare, but that's just me.

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I guess he's right. It's weird that wolf is not scared when the flare is in your hand but immediately after flare touches the ground it will start running away.

all i can think of is holding the flare the wolf thinks ok it's a flesh/food meal holding a flare, who cares I still want to eat the flesh. it's just a flarey flesh meal.

Human you throw the flare, it distracts the wolf - wolf now confused as flare jumpy thing flying through the air lands in another spot - MR wolf now thinks twice wtf, there are two of these scary flare guys. time to back off.

Might be a different story if we have a pack of wolves. lol then we need a shotgun

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