Cooking Canned Peach Halves

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I noticed the option to heat up a can of sliced peaches on the fire. Is this a Canadian thing?

I don't think so. At least I know some Austrian, French and German dishes (and desserts!) that are served with hot apricots or peaches as well.^^

One of them is Peach Melba which Bill just mentioned. ;)

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While you would eat anything hot given the option, that can't be the reason behind it since you can't heat up dog food, sardines or condensed milk.

Reducing the chances for food poisoning can't be the reason either, since, again, some cans you can't heat up.

If either of these was the case, you'd heat up anything, candy bars, whatever, just to eat something hot and lower the chance of food poisoning.

What's a mystery to me regarding the temperature of food is how you can cook a piece of meat for twenty minutes without it being hot at the end and why you can't heat up water before drinking it.

Mysteries, questions...

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I've never heard of heated peaches myself, but I do know cooking them reduces the chances for food poisoning. I just always assumed that's why the option existed =)

You just kidding, right?

Nope. I've obviously heard of things like peach cobbler/pie, but not just warmed peaches solo. I must live a sheltered life.

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Ive never seen the fascination with peaches. I use to eat canned peaches all the time with my lunch when i was going through grade school. I can't do it anymore. Now hot apples... thats something to put on your ice cream.

1 Large apple, Granny Smith or Fuji(or best baking apple available)

1 small bottle of apple juice (from concentrate works better than pure press)

between 1/2 to 1 cup of white sugar


corn starch

Peel and dice your apple into small pieces. boil in a small pan, (add sugar if using granny smith apples)

once apples are cooked drain the pan and then add the apple juice, sugar and a cinnamon mix well and cornstarch while on medium heat. Its done once the juice thickens up. Serve on vanilla ice cream and be pleased with yourself.

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