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First off, loving the patch, huge jump in how immersive the game world feels with the new wood foraging mechanic, I didn't even realize how much of a "disconnect" the old way was until I experienced the new system.

That said a few things don't feel right.

- The time it takes to harvest Branches(10min) into two sticks is a bit silly. I have a tree in my backyard that regularly drops branches the size of the ones found in game and it doesn't take me ten minutes to break them in twain. The payoff also just isn't there for the time you have to put into it. I find myself completely ignoring branches and just going for the "free" sticks and limbs unless I'm either A)really desperate or B)have nothing else to do.

- Can't harvest fallen trees! All the branches and limbs are right there on ground level! Would kind of solve the whole "I'm in a forest but I can't find any wood" feeling. Fallen trees could be a big resource you could go to and hack off what you need until its all gone, but then its gone forever.

- Maybe its just me, maybe its intended, but the new snowflakes look gigantic.

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Kraelman! Stop peeking, and put your blindfold back on when playing! :lol:

For those who haven't seen awesome Kraelman's Twitch streams of The Long Dark, he plays Mega Hard Core Stalker Mode [stalker mode with a number of self imposed challenges, such as no going indoors]... He has even played blindfolded:

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