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I'm still relatively a new player to the long dark! My first experiences with the game over the first 2 - 3 days where from what it sounds exactly like most of you guys and girls out there Short,bloody or frozen!. But from all that dying and cursing somthing amazing happened! I survived day 2!...then 3,4,5 then 10 :)

I was to say the least HOOKED! and I immediately set out on a very huge project of mapping out as much details per map as possible! From fallen trees to rosehips and the elusive sapling spawns!

The update came out so I happily started a new life to fight the new fight as it where and I found out something really quickly... In Mystery lake I came across a lone birch sapling and just a few yards up a lone maple sapling. I checked my map knowing that I've never seen this before. All in all now I've found 3 maple sapling sites and 5 birch sapling sites.. Each site only has a single sapling tho so they can be easily over looked!

The areas I keep finding them in are:


The valley between frozen creek and derailment ( maple and birch )

The lone cabin with the outhouse near clear cut and unnamed pond.( maple and birch )

The valley that rides the "wall" between trappers homestead and unnamed pond ( birch or maple )

This valley is also a gold mine in terms of fir and cedar limbs!


Silent clearing ( maple and or birch )

The islands between jackrabbit and misanthrope ( birch )

Land leading away from and the islands between jackrabbit and fishing camp ( maple and birch )

Heading to abandoned mine from abandoned lookout once you get onto the logging road go right and check the ridge line.. I've found birch and maple quite a few times now.

These spawns appear on top of the normal groups of five birchs and 2 maples! If anyone else out there has found new sapling sites or new additions right em down!

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