Did THE PaulSoaresJr just join our forum?!?


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I saw this... :shock:


For real or just a copycat?

If it's for real and he needs a key, (as much as I love TLD every chance I get to play it) I'm donating mine. Hinterland deserves to be spotlighted by someone like that! I'm small potatoes in comparison.

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I'm not sure if the "generously" is maybe sarcasm...

My first thought was, we're so obsessed with TLD, I could see one of us escaping the Hinterland asylum (maybe a day pass or furlow thing), following around Paul on his last dozen videos and repeatedly saying "Great video, it would only be better if it were The Long Dark" in the comments.

Yeah, I think that's probably what happened... Makes even more sense now that I see it on the screen! ;)

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  • 1 month later...

I like that he is mature and clean in his commentary. I try to stay clean for the most part. I do have some slip ups occasionally. I am also a fan of DaSquirrelsNuts too. He just did a First Look for us also. Squirrel (also named Paul) was really nice to me a couple years ago when I first started out on YT. He didn't have to give me the time of day, but he did. He actually gave me some thoughtful advise. Squirrel is pretty kid friendly too. His channel is variety gaming, but has a strong emphasis on simulation games.

The Pauls are the ones that I typically watch when I'm killing time and not able to play myself.

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