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I think they need to add some random factors to the Bear AI. Right now the player can kite them all over the map, which is lame. If the bear AI had a random element every 5 to 7 seconds until a fight or flight reflex kicked in it would seriously inhibit kiting.

* Walk fast or run toward the player

* Walk fast or run away from the player

* Walk fast or run flanking the player

* Hold their ground and/or stand up to look around

* Charge the player (fight reflex)

* Flee from the player (flight reflex)

As soon as a player shoot a bear, the fight or flight reflex also needs to kick in... but we don't know which one until they do it.

Bears need the ability to come through the screened in porch like a bad habit and kill the player. Anyone who seeks shelter from a bear in a screened in porch deserves to die. I would also love to see a bear bash through car windows or attempt to force their way into a home. I could just see a player thinking they were safe from the bear when it crashes through the car window and takes a few swipes or knocks door a down to amble on in.

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