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Ok, so I know that The Long Dark is focused only in the winter (that's what makes it so hard to survive) but I was thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if there were different seasons. Hear me out. Each season lasts for a certain amount of time (winter would last much longer than others and summer and spring would be much shorter). Each season would bring new things, such as new animals, resources, ect. Here is a list of what each season would have to offer:


-new animals (listed below)


-sleds (to carry around stuff)


-more animals since spring is when the babies are born :3

-baby animals and in turn, more aggressive predators because they are protecting their young

-warmer weather, no need to carry around heavy clothing


-rain (would affect vision, cause mudslides, and temperature because of clothes getting wet)

-inability to go on Mystery Lake because ice melted

-new animals (listed below)


-the possibility of over heating and passing out, making you venerable to predators

-new clothing, such as shorts and t-shirts


-rain (already explained)

-hot weather

-you become dehydrated much more quickly

-more animals (listed below)


-cooler weather

-wood is much easier to find

-some animals will be scarce because they are getting ready to hibernate

ALTERNATIVE THINGS (such as items, animals, food, ect):

Animals: (each animal listed will also provide seasons it is found in and if they are neutral or dangerous) (ALL CAN BE KILLED AND HARVESTED, THOUGH SOME ARE MORE USEFUL THAN OTHERS)

-Foxes (summer, spring, and fall) (neutral)

-Otters (spring, summer) (neutral)

-Bison (All seasons) (neutral unless aggravated, then they charge at you and potentially causing you to die)

-Moose (all seasons) (act the same as Bison)

-Squirrels (summer, spring, autumn) (neutral)

-Butterflies (summer, spring) (These cant be harvested, just for looks)




-Moose hide pants (upgrade from deer hide pants, supply MUCH more warmth and have a higher durability)

-Bear head hat (Its pictures in one of the achievements, why not make it a reality?)

-Fox scarf (would supply more warmth than other scarf)

-Otter and squirrel hide cord (would be more durable than line)

-Bison hide boots (also upgrade from deer hide boots, act them same as moose hide pants)


-Companionship (training a wolf and making it your pal)

That's all I can think of right now, PLEASE consider these suggestions and reply back. THANK YOU :D

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I think they've said they're not going to change seasons in this game, but would like to in the next one. Can't remember where I heard that. Anyhow, changing seasons is an awesome idea :)

Thanks! Like I said, the whole seasons thing is just an idea, i didn't know they said they weren't changing the seasons.

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Seasons are planned for each of the standalone sequels.

Awesome! i know this is going to sound pretty egotistic, but maybe could you consider using some of my ideas along with anyone else's ideas because i have heard and seen of a few. My friend and I actually both came up with the list of ideas together

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