My feedback on .256


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Literally love the new fire mechanic, the new ui, the new flare/ lantern/ matches selection mode.

Simply amazing the new first aid UI. The new wolves mechanic too.

Thanks for the performance impovement on fire animation. Before .256 starting a fire generated a 99% spike load on gpu. Now only 70%.

New meteo effects? Seems a new game!

I hope to see more savalageable objects like carpets, curtains, towels, maybe using the knife...

Boil / melt UI maybe should be impoved: during the boil process, player cannot see what happen to fire, how many minutes of fire remains.

Also for white progess bars (boil, repair), would be awesome if they could have border like the new sprint bar so player could know if the action is at 50%, 75% and so on.

Thanks for this wonderful update!

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