Game Killer Graphics Glitch + Minor Repair Button Issue

random calliope

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Video is at: Occurred 2 hours before posting this topic.

I was experimenting with ways to kill my player after the 200 day mark in The Long Dark, Alpha version .256 (shooting arrows straight up and trying to step under them) and happened to record it. I ran into a graphic glitch after about 20 hours playing this update. Video is for developer viewing to identify the cause.

The graphic glitch occurs after picking up the arrow at 01:03 and before picking up the arrow at 01:05, which starts flashing. The rest of the video is to show the effect of the graphics error. The issue is persistent between loads. Using Steam I used "Delete Local Content" to remove the game. Downloading and re-installing. I was trying to die anyway.

On Steam. Windows 7, AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics card. No issues at all, ever, with The Long Dark until this moment. 180 hours played.

The second is a bug at 04:06 where the "Repair" button doesn't show up in the bottom right corner when repairing an item. The player has to back out and try again to make the button show up. This has been happening since the update.

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Are you by chance using Dxtory to record your gameplay, random calliope?

As a matter of fact yes. It sounds like you're familiar with the issue. That's a relief.

Yes, I reported the same problem a while back and was a bit miffed I got no answer but I figured it out myself.

Go to the advanced tab in Dxtory and enable "Delay Hook", then open TLD and test it out. If that doesn't solve it you can PM me and we'll figure it out.

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