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Ok so I've been playing this game alot and i have to say there are a few things that i would love to see in game. I know there are many lists here asking for things but this is just a personal wish list i suppose. I know IRL theres alot of things that are available to use in survival and many more things that we didnt even think about using or just using things in unconventional ways. But for now here are a few things that i would love to see in the game

Weapons and attachments/upgrades:

Now before anyone says anything I know this isn't DayZ or Battlefield or any kind of shooter but IRL I'm pretty sure you would come across at least one person (especially if they are a hunter in the woods) that will have some type of large caliber Pistol or some type of side arm alternative to a long barreled rifle for self defense. Not saying there needs to be, but at least something light to carry instead of a heavy rifle would also be nice (and give me more room for supplies)

I would definitely love to see some type of Pistol such as a revolver (perhaps a 5 or 6 shot .44 or .357 mag) this way you have lighter alternative to the rifle at the expense of firepower and magazine size. Another option would be a hunting pistol which would be a single shot large caliber pistol more of an after thought but would be another nice alternative to the rifle for hunting small game and being less weight. again at the cost of single shot which will force you to reload after each shot (balancing the weapon with power at the expense of firing rate compared to a smaller caliber pistol, and the faster firing (but heavier) Rifle.

Now for attachments/upgrade the only thing i can see being useful in this game would be the option for scopes attachable to the rifle or the hunting pistol (to ensure the revolver won't be overpowered it should not be able to receive any optic attachment). Something simple such as a 2- 4 time zoom. The idea i have behind this would be that you would take a pair of binoculars (which is something else I'd love to see added to the game) and you would attach one of the ends to the rifle or pistol (and destroying the binoculars)

As far as the creation of a "Scoped Hunting Rifle" or a "Scoped Hunting Pistol" components that would be necessary would be; The weapon of choice, Scrap Metal, a Tool box (simple or better) and a "Binocular" (to which the binoculars and the Scrap Metal would be used up). once assembled it cant be undone so once you attached the scope to said weapon it cant be removed (though when you disassemble the weapon you will get back more scrap metal and the binoculars)

Another weapon that you should be able to craft should be a Spear I mean I kinda expected that to be available from the beginning since all you would need is some cured saplings (of some kind), some Line and maybe cured leather (of some kind) and an arrow head. Crafted at a bench using either an axe or a hunting knife (the hunting knife giving you a shorter time to make it). Id say just to make it you should only need sticks and something sharp to cut the heads to a point, but it may make it a bit to easy but something can be done to give it a bit of a disadvantage over a bench crafted spear (besides the bench spear having a lot more durability)

The other thing i want to see is renewable resources. I dont know if they are available in the game now (especially after the patch that removed the foregoing option) but I do know before the patch once you sorced out an area that was it (again unless there was some kind of mechanic that allowed for respawning/renewable resources) my main concern with this was that once I sourced an area out. IE there's no more lighter fluid for my lantern or no more rifle rounds so my rifle is useless at that point, or no more matches or well you get the idea. Once an area is sorced out then theres no reason to stay in that area so you move to the next one thats fine and cool cause it keeps you moving around the map and constantly trying to survive. But once you have been to every map and every cabin/bunker then what do you do? so if theres a way to make renewable and respawning resources that would be nice to see. and to continue playing.

There are other ideas i have but for now i think thats it till i can think of more

but what dose everyone else think? are these suggestions to much, reasonable or not even the tip of the iceberg of content that we need?

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