Hello from windy Ontario


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Hi there,

I've been a Kickstarter backer of TLD since December, but only now decided to join the forum. Besides the backer e-mails I haven't heard much about the project until a few days ago I noticed Scott Manley playing TLD on his YouTube channel and it gave me the itch to play.

I have worked in the game industry, and for a large game developer, and I commend the Hinterland Devs and their courage to branch out and start a project like this and to get it this far.

I'm excitied to see the end result and very eager to experience The Long Dark myself. :D

Glad to be here 8-)

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Hey slowbird!

Well, enjoy playing the sandbox ! (as I can't yet). The deer are for the taking, let our great black feathered friends lead you in your spiritual journey of survival. Be wary of the wolves and you can learn to steal their meat. The rest is awareness,planning and prioritizing.

Have fun !!!

Foxhound :-)

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