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SO i just had an awesome game and when a wolf charged i died obviously but sad enough it was because when i tried to light my torch it asked me how with a hole list of items... the flare just lights why cant i just light it with a match in a few seconds.

Some of these may be going in anyways or already be brought up by others but i wanted to post my own personal ideas.

A tent with a few different styles from homemade to found or even heavy large or small light. Or a mobile lean wall to break wind mobile.

Ability to pick up dead animals to move to another area. Traps for wolves with this in mind.

The ability to actually attack a wolf somewhat like assasins creed with a quick time event. Obviously only when a being approached from the front and aware of it. But soemthing like the ability to vale it and get an attack in. I would never let a wolf tackle me if i saw it coming more of a attack and push away.

Ability to make a map on the fly with a pencil and a piece of paper.

For far later development but the ability to meet a person or two staying at a place with some basic supplies to trade for.

Start of game ability to choose your loadout. Players who have made later game can have better start items or have a very hard start with very little.

Since the idea is a plane crash the ability to loot the plane for possible random almost useless random supply set.

It also feels even if all is said and done ive looted everything ur on a timed base, so some sort of random generation but it would require lots of supplies to cover say 2-3 days travel between settlement areas. Or ability to have a location become relatively permanent and have set up with traps and other basic things.

The ability to use the hatchet to get wood on relative demand not from a straight tree but maybe a downed tree or even break up the random boxes for fire pieces.

A spear for fighting wolves eith a sharpened branch. Which could make pack wolves possible to fight. I like how ur meant to avoid them but i also like the idea of going into something prepared. A firecracker like tool to scare away a wolf to a farther away area but also adding a stocking feature for them that they may follow you around.

Highpoint with binoculars as the game grows same with coop in one game to work together but have to ration food.

Ability to move items like when in the dam to scare wolf into a space and then box it in where it will starve making a weaponless kill.

Ability to make a sleigh or skid, splints for sprains that can be reusable, or drop pack and use another to go find more items but i guess u can store items in a container.

Curing leathers and such with fire but not directly using fire more leaving beside.

Ability to use 2 stove pieves at once if u have a stove to do two fire tasks at the same time.

Depth of snow would be interesting to teach people about that concept. Which could being in skis for faster travel or snow shoes for less energy consumption. Broken ice seems like a good idea but only on the hardest difficulty as this is a game ender in most cases. But wet cloths function or even almost land mine like ice to watch out for. Similarly not dry snow but wet sleet snow to wet clothes.

Changes. Sleeping drains alot of calories. Would be nice to be able to rest a bit to change the weather a bit outside almost like a rest but watch outside so as to wait out a wind storm or serious white out temporarily. Without oversleeping or over draining calories atleast as long as inside or wearing all the proper gears.

I think thats all i have for now.

But that all said i absolutily love the game to death and hope u continue ur development. An incredible idea and playthrough. Wish i could help u dev. May even be willing to send extra funding (not too much) to encourage continuation. Thank u for this great production :)

This has grown a bit since I last was here as I played more and experienced more. Now im at a weird point where saves allow me to pick up if I stop and come back. but don't save me if I die... would be nice to pick up where I had some rescources and things collected and not restart everytime.

I like the idea someone brought up of less wildlife but more calories counts. This could mean you could actually spend a day or two in one building doing little trips once or twice a day with hardly any gear but that what you need and finally get a deer kill which could lead to the future of a few more days there.

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