Hello! I'm Amelia! You can call me Millie though. :)


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Hello everyone, I know you are wondering why my name is aColonUlcer and I'll tell you now. It is my username for Steam and also my Gamertag for xBox. And now, my username for the Hinterland Forums! I've been playing and watching TLD for quite a while now, and also got my father, sister, best friend, and boyfriend into the game. The longest I've survived so far is 29 days or so (I didn't die on that game, just haven't played the Steam version since then. And only play on the xBone now).

I've been more fond of Consoles since I was a little girl, and from my long hours of Minecraft and working on/at a computer, I have carpal tunnel. So having TLD on the console is a dream come true for me. I'm so excited to finally be on the Hinterland forums. And hope to be a recognized name, as I will be giving feedback often. (Mostly in wish list <3 ) I might make a few topics myself in other places but I'm not entirely sure yet.

My favorite YouTuber is Accurize2 ! He's amazing and plays TLD like a boss. He is also one of the reasons why, I believe, that I can live as long as I do in this game.

Thanks for dropping by!

--Amelia (Millie) Foshaug. AKA aColonUlcer.

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Hi Millie!

Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself. 29 days is nothing to shake a stick at! I'm still not completely sure what that expression means, but we'll go with it =)

Welcome to the forums! I'm pretty sure Accurize is around here somewhere too!

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