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I really like the game and would like to throw a few ideas out to see what you people think.

(Sorry if the ideas where already out there)

Idea 1: Crafting Book

When making the tools and clothing at the workbench I find it a pain to keep scrolling through the pages to get to an item i want to craft. Maybe suggest adding tabs to the side of the book for easy searching.

( Maybe...something to make the game harder to play is try and find the crafting pages in world)

Idea 2: Leather Map

Because the game needs a map....So why not have one made out of cured deer leather or something else. When using the Map you will need to visit the areas of the surrounding area so it can be reviled as you walk along.

Idea 3: Compus

Its hard enough trying to find your way in the dark or in the fog...maybe finding this item may help keep track on which direction you are facing.


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Some of these have been mentioned before, but no worries. We're all here to learn and share ideas!

1. Books will be of more use in the future. More details to come, likely when we implement these uses (No timeline for that, sorry!).

2. Maps are a huge topic of discussion in the community. Adding one would dramatically change the game, so we're a bit hesitant, but we do hear the requests. I like the idea of making it from leather!

3. Compasses are a bit complicated. There's been a bit of discussion in the community about how much the geomagnetic event that plays a central part in our story would affect a compass. As most electronics and magnetic devices are affected by these types of events, and we don't have deeper details to share just yet about the event that occurs in the game (it will be explained more in story mode), it's safe to assume that they wouldn't be of much use to you for now.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and welcome to the forums!

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I agree that these would be nice additions. Clicking a tab or square on a grid for a crafting recipe would be nice instead of having to constantly flip through pages. It seems that something to that effect is in the works though.

A map would also be great and I would prefer a map that only reveals what you have discovered, as if you were drawing it yourself. I just picked up a pencil and paper and drew myself a map when I first explored the game. I suggest doing the same as it's really the most immersive. There are some nice community made maps also. Clicking a browser tab to open one of those is nearly as convenient as clicking a native game map button.

Still, I suggest wandering the map blind for immersion, and only drawing a map by hand by yourself as you go the first time around anyway.

I'd love a compass. Who wouldn't? I'd also love GPS and a pizza, but I totally understand the geomagnetic storm making my compass go all wonky and useless and delaying the delivery boy, so I'll deal. Great ideas though. I really hope the recipe UI is changed for efficiency at least.

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