New Update! Alpha Sandbox v.073 Released For PC and Mac

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The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha update v.073 is now uploading to Steam!


The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.073 Changelist

July 31st, 2014

NOTE: Please remember that The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha is in a constant state of flux as we continue to fix bugs and tune the game. Gameplay features or tuning values are often experimental, and may be modified or even removed between updates.

If you encounter a bug where you “fall through the world” while exploring, this means you found a location where the collision is missing. Please press F9 to take a screenshot (as you are falling) and this will provide you with an image that has coordinates. This image will be saved to your Desktop. If you post a bug report, please include this image and the coordinates in your report. This will help immensely with fixing these tricky bugs! Thanks.


  • Save files and user profiles are now encrypted. ***Note that this change will delete your current save file and reset your game settings to their defaults.***
  • A new NavMesh has been generated for Mystery Lake Region. This should hopefully address any unusual wildlife locomotion issues (stuck or floating).
  • F9 now takes a debug screenshot, which loads up the debug HUD info for the screenshot, then reverts the HUD to whatever mode it was previously in. (Used for bug-fixing purposes.)

Art & Animation

  • Fixed problem with wolf sliding while playing its howl animation.
  • General art and animation fixes.


  • Fixed bug that caused fall damage audio to play every frame (forever) after player was killed by fall damage.
    General audio fixes.

Gameplay & Tuning

  • [spoil]Carter Hydro Dam: Added Fire Barrel.[/spoil]
  • Can Opener: Increased durability so it won’t break so easily.
  • Wolf Struggle: Non-critical VO will not play during the struggle.
  • Wolves: Fixed some unreported issues related to wolf attacks interrupting gear inspection, eating, drinking, and fire starting.
  • Wolves can now interrupt Foraging and outdoor Rest.
  • Afflictions: Fatigue penalties inactive during Rest.
  • Fuel Sources: Increased the heating radius of Hardwood, Softwood, and Reclaimed Wood fuel types.
  • Fixed player not immediately starting to take burn damage if they build a fire directly at their feet.
  • Ensure player will not spawn too close to wolves.
  • Prevented players from repairing a tool using that same tool.
  • Weather frequencies have been tuned.
  • Blizzard min/max duration has been reduced.
  • Fix for wolves occasionally disappearing at the onset of a struggle interaction.

Menus, HUD, UI

  • Added clock indicator on HUD whenever time is accelerated.
  • Prevented "Encumbered" text on HUD from overlapping with overlay screens.
  • Added partial reward if melting snow is interrupted partway through.
  • Fixed exploit where you could increase the amount you are melting or boiling while a melt/boil is in progress.
  • Fixed issue where you were unable to put any portion of a stack of items into a container unless the entire stack was able to fit.
  • Take into account exhaustion penalty when displaying maximum carry capacity.
  • Fix issue with Container interface always using Metric units for inventory and container capacity.
  • Made Storm Lantern track the weight of the amount of fuel inside it.
  • Partially eaten food now shows the appropriate amount of weight.
  • Fixed issue where wind speed would rapidly flicker back and forth between two values.
  • Fixed 1-pixel border around loading screens.
  • Fixed issue where searchable corpses could not always be easily selected.
  • The Tab key now brings up the Survival Panel when you are in the Inventory Screen.


  • Fix issue with game not starting fullscreen if there was no valid profile loaded.
  • Updated Alan's Cave spawn-point to face the cave opening.
  • Removed AccelerantMedium from the game to deal with Accelerant stacking issues in inventory.
  • Removed gamepad controls and all references to gamepad controls until they are fully implemented.
  • Added tld_borderless.bat to the Windows build for an easy way to launch the game running in a window at desktop resolution.


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