Survival clock and day/night cycle aren't synchronized!!!!!!


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Since I always checking the survival clock, I found out that after like 35 days of survival the clock and the day/night cycle synchronization are started to shift. So, basically it means that one of the clock is wrong.

Let me show you an example: On my 35th day the nights started (9 hours of darkness left) when the survival clock showed XY days, 8 hours, XY minutes. Now, I'm at day 67 and the night start at XY days, 16 hours, XY minutes.

Since day 58 I noticed a massive, almost an hour/day shift. What happening?! Does the survival clock show a fake time? I'm afraid. Because if it's always counting the same 24 hours, then it would be always "synchronized" with the day/night cycle.

Or the day/night cycle aren't exactly 24 hours? Which one?

It's pretty bad, because I don't trust the survival clock anymore. Maybe I survived more/less then what the timer show?!

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Guest mcopeman

No worries :) Having more details about bugs usually helps and also lets us know how many people the bug is affecting!


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