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1) how do I dry out wolf skin, I've got it sitting in file cabinet but it doesn't seem to be drying out?

2) blood trails... You seem to bleed. But do animals? I thought it would be great if you can wound animals and track them using the blood trail whilst they try to limp away? Or does that happen already?

3) how do you unlock the different areas at the Start Menu?

4) where are the maple saplings???

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1) To cure anything you have to drop it on the floor indoors.

2) Yes they bleed, it happens already.

3) They're unlocked when you visit them. So after you visit Coastal Highway and/or Pleasant Valley for the first time, you can pick them to spawn in at the start of a new game.

4) Each map has both maple and birch, guaranteed, you just have to look in places you haven't already :D

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