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Dear Devs,

When I have a rifle out, I can put it away if I don't want to be holding and having it take up a lot of my screen, there doesn't appear to be a way to unequip it easily, can you add that? I have to put down and pick up my lanter if I ever want to unequip it, which seems kinda clunk, I'd really appreciate adding this!

Keep up the good work!

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I believe that DrMembrane is looking in the inventory, and seeing that the rifle is still labeled as "equipped", which is the game telling the player which rifle he will pull if he asks for a rifle. Just like when carrying multiple lanterns, and you can "equip" them, back and forth, to select which lantern you are using.

DrMembrane, it doesn't actually do anything to have your rifle "equipped" like this. which is why it isn't easy to undo, without dropping it and picking it back up.

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The bow seems to be the only thing that re-equips for myself.

However if you type "11" a flare pops up and goes away, thus hiding the bow.

I do this a fair amount though as when i go inside, i unequip rifle, and bow pops up again.

This "11" is done as I just don't want any uncontrolled discharges indoors without the right company.

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