crash after loading save - dx9 works dx11 no work

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I've just gotten to a cabin, I go in and the the game immediately crashed.


I go, boot the game itself back up and load the save, the save loads - I see my rifle, I'm inside - and before I can do anything, it crashes.

I've repeated this a few times to make sure.

I followed another thread and ran the tld_dx9 file and it WORKs. Did the same with the tld_dx11 file and it crashed as stated above.

I am on V.244

If there's a resolve to being able to play in dx11, then cool. Otherwise... cheers.

I'll leave this here for anyone else.

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If it's working with Dx9, but not Dx11, then that means your system isn't set up to run Dx11 [i.e. most likely a hardware issue], so unless Dx11 configures itself to run on older machines or lower hardware configurations, chance are you won't be able to play in Dx11 mode.

You can always include you output log for the devs to check.

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But I've been playing it on dx11 (I'm guessing as that seems to be what it boots up with on the default so I must have chosen that before - it wouldn't have randomly altered between plays..) and it's been absolutely fine up until today; beautifully in fact. Seems to be a bit less on the FPS with dx9 oddly...

Think I'd posted 14 hours up until that crash.

First problematic crash so far so I feel lucky!

I've included my output log.


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