Day 46 and game reset


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After loading my game I noticed my wood pile had disappeared, upon more investigation it's seems my game as reset. So after 46 days of searching, stock piling and curing felt etc, etc, etc the lot has disappeared and my game is at day 1. I have checked all my base's and every is missing and all the draws, lockers, containers are now back to day 1. The items I had on me stayed and I'm still at day 46, but I have lost my stock piles of items.

Is this a known problems or have I been unlucky

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.... Yeah all that work ...BUT....on the bright side It just means you are NOT alone and have just been looted by another survivor. Who "lucked" out and found your stash!! Keep an eye out for the bear carrying a large backpack!! He's got your stuff!! :D


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Guest mcopeman

I'm sorry that's happened to you! This is definitely a bug. Any extra information would help us find a fix!

- Where was your character?

- What made the game save (sleeping, going in interiors, etc.)?

- How did you exit the game (turning of console right away, going through the escape menu)?

- Do you have anyone else playing the game on your xbox?

- Anything unusual that might be worth mentioning?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.