Gaboris: A survivor from Hungary.


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Oh boy... That subject turned out like a movie title... My mistake and I'm sticking to it. :mrgreen:

Well if I may I'd like to say hello to the community. I'm Gaboris from Hungary just to needlessly repeat myself for the sake of formality. :lol:

I'm happy I could finally get my hands on the game and join the community (I know it's not a requirement, but it felt wrong to join without actually owning it) and hope I'll get to follow the development process a bit closer from now on. :P

Although I feel that there's one thing I have to mention. TLD as of right now is not a game for me.

I'm a heavily objective oriented gamer and if I'm dropped into an open sandbox game I always end up setting small exploration missions for myself. This isn't bad but I due to my fast pace I tend to visit/loot/restock most of the location in the game in just a few hours and so far I didn't have a need to craft my own gear.

But since I already fell in LOVE with the game's concept back when it was still on Kickstarter and I've seen how much fun people can have with it through YouTubers like Stacyplays(still funny that she has her own item :D), Aldershot8008 and WeaselZone I wanted to support it even if I can't add too much more then my observations and ideas. Also I'm interested to see how the story mode turns out in the end and hope it'll have what my playing style needs. 8-)

So yeah although right now I can't get too much out of it myself I still hope to see this game grow and evolve so just keep up the excellent work! :)

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Welcome to the forum :)

I think you'll be pleased with how active the devs are in continuously updating the game [next update should be within the next couple of weeks if all goes well]. They're also looking to have the first part of the story mode ready for play near the end of this year.

Lots of new stuff ahead :)

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Hello, Gaboris from Hungary. I like your movie title!

Thanks for your post, and the support. Always exciting to have little reminders like this that our community spans the globe. We're very happy you were finally able to get your hands on the game, and even happier that you decided to join the forums. Looking forward to hearing about some of your adventures, and getting some feedback from you. Welcome to the community!

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