Sleeping bear outside?


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I was in CH and just up the hill behind the Quonset I came across a bear. I stood for a bit to see where it was going, and maybe due to the high winds, or something else, the bear seemed to just curl up for a nap under a rock ledge! It was a sheltered cleft, but not a cave and seemed to be sleeping - some body motion. I was fully loaded moving supplies for another mission so I decided to let the sleeping bear lie.

Anyone come across one of these? Can you get in close for an auto-kill with the rifle or will it just wake up and maul you?

BTW, so far, I've not yet hunted bears because the reward is just not worth the risk. I can get meat from deer and wolves (ideally both at once) and their hides make very useful clothes/repairs. I don't use bedrolls except in extreme emergencies. Maybe a better craftable or drop from bears and I'd give it a try?

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I have walked up on this as well. Found bear sleeping in a small rock den. Had seen similar formation earlier, small hollow in rock face with yellowing bones near entrance. Thought "I wonder what lives here?" then immediately "Is it behind me?!?" It wasn't. That time.

Bear I found in his den was on edge of map between the radio tower and near by end of road (Long Curve?) in the Valley. Did not wake up even when I moved in close and viewed it from left then right sides. Maybe easy poaching, I only had a prybar on me at the time and commenced moving away carefully then quickly.

Only reason to ever hunt bears is to remove them being a threat. Leave the bears alone.

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