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Although I clearly love the pure thrill of day to day survival in The Long Dark than this journalist does, and I happen to think the wolves AI is pretty cool and not all that bad, he nonetheless makes some interesting points.

Certainly about the balancing. Management of resources etc.

But more than that - what's on offer beyond simply surviving?? But I guess we'll see in Story mode??

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The reviewer basically falls into what I like to term "Supermaket Sweep". I think this is the way we all play when we first pick up the game. Just run from place to place to find another can of peaches. Short term thinking.

We all love a story, and I think we are all looking forward to one. In the present alpha state the play-ability may be a bit tough for those whom do not make their own.

I get the feeling he played on Pilgrim for a couple of hours. He never says anything about his play difficulty, A clue of this is in the "fine print" at the top "The review below critiques a work in progress, and represents a snapshot of the game at the time of the review's publication." The most obvious clue is his impression of the wild life. It is also obvious he never left ML.

The best part of the review for me was the paragraph about his death.

"... tried to take a nap outdoors in a snowstorm. I simply didn’t care anymore. ... I’m in it for an interesting experience, and maybe a bit of pathos"

That is precisely when you die in bad circumstances. You die when you pity yourself to death. I think we get a quote to that affect on some game starts, it is the reason why Outdoor Bound was founded. British sailors dying in WWII because they would give up. It is quite ironic that the writer fails to see this.

This kind of writing is far to prevalent these days. No real interest in the products they are writing about just hack out something including game play in four hours and call it an eight hour day.

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