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Thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Sebastian, or Seb for short is just fine, generally known as AnyGivenGamer on all gaming and social platforms I'm active on (not that many).

I recently downloaded the trial version of The Long Dark on the Xbox One via the Xbox Game Preview initiative and I was intrigued by what I played... even though it was only for a mere 60 minutes. Didn't get a lot out of it but I'd like to know more.

I do have one question, and keep in mind it's based on a 60-minute playthrough, some articles/blog posts I've read and a general lack of knowledge about the game:

"How far will you go to survive?" is a tagline I read on the official site of the game, which, to me, implies there is a way to survive the wilderness. Yet, judging by some players, this doesn't seem to be the case, claiming that it's some kind of "default" that you will eventually die no matter what you do. Is this true?

The reason I'm asking is because that's basically the only thing that's keeping me from buying the game. If I am to die repeatedly, it won't bother me as long as I know there's a goal to be obtained, a way out of the wild regardless of what it takes and how long it takes. But I don't see an incentive to even attempt survival if I already know from the start that I'll eventually die and there's no way to stop that from happening.

Would also like to mention that I'm very interested in the story mode, but I know it's not ready yet so I won't mention it beyond this point.

Thank you.


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Part of the "How far will you go to survive?" is due to the constant player decisions on how they want to approach situations, challenges, dangers, and even general survival... You're constantly faced with decisions weighing risk vs. reward.

Do you try taking fastest (though riskier or more dangerous) route to get back to your supplies or do you take the longer more cautious travel direction even though you desperately need your supplies?... No fire - do you risk eating the raw carcass meat even though you may risk food poisoning. Do you gamble on gathering wood with wolves nearby? Do you travel to a better building even though you may get lost in a raging blizzard?

And when story mode and NPC are added near the end of this year - who do you trust? Do you get aggressive and try to steal their supplies? Do you risk your own safety to help them? Will allies turn on you if their own life is in danger?

Some decisions may not be comfortable, and there are often consequences to our actions and choices...

The game is a little more unique in that it lets you learn and determine your own preferred style of playing, rather than directing players with only one specific solution. Overall, each player must determine their own options, weighing risk vs. reward, and must face the consequences of their choices and decisions throughout the game.

It becomes a personal challenge... Yes, you will die (and often)... but you will also learn, figure out different approaches to your survival needs, discover ways to do things faster, easier, or safer... and die again...

To give you an idea of how each run can provide a challenge - many of us (who have been playing the PC version for a while) have 300 to 1000+ hours in the game, and continue to play it... and that's still in just the alpha sandbox mode ;)

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Thanks for an interesting reply! Truth be told, a lot of what you mentioned was stuff that did occur to me, even during that short 60-minute playthrough.

I'm a very all-round kind of gamer, playing everything from sports games to sci-fi epics and everything in-between. I like new experiences, different ones, which is why I think The Long Dark is right up my alley. But I do usually like goals, objectives. They don't have to be explained or marked on a HUD... letting me figure things out for myself just boosts that sense of discovery. But mindless, aimless grinding without a payoff is something I really don't appreciate.

I suppose that, in a real-life situation, you might not reach that happy ending... find your way back to civilization or even be rescued. Maybe I just need to change my mindset and approach the game differently. Maybe...

... oh, you know what? I'll just buy it! Even if I end up not liking the sandbox mode, I'll want to play the story mode anyway so I might as well just get it.

There. Done. ;)

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I remember you from the Twitter feed, I think! Glad you decided to join the community and ask some questions. Bill gave you a good answer, and I'm really excited to see you picked up the game. Good call! If you're looking for a new/different experience, you've definitely come to the right place. We definitely will have more coming to sandbox as we work towards completing story mode, so I think you've joined us at a pretty exciting time.

Thanks for the support and welcome to the community!

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That is true Bethany, I did mention the game on Twitter just yesterday if I remember correctly. Didn't know, until now, that you were at the other end of that exchange.

Looking forward to playing the game and see how things evolve going forward, story and sandbox modes alike.

And thank you!

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