Arrow Bug - Condition of arrows

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Hi Guys,

Long time fan, first time poster.

I found a glitch the other day while making some arrows and I did a bit of searching on the steam forums as well as your own and unless I missed it I didn't see any mention of it.

I had 2 damaged arrows in my Inventory, one at 60%+ and another at 30%+ and I decided to make about 3-4 arrows and after I had done so I checked my inventory to find that the arrows I had made were all at the same condition as my lowest condition preexisting arrow at 30%+.

I double checked the condition of the arrow shafts that I was using to see if that was the issue but they were all at 100%.

I didn't take a screenshot at the time and just dismantled them and all my other damaged arrows and made some new ones but I can duplicate the process if needed and provide screenshots.

I hope this helps guys,

Keep up the great work.

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Hi Bromeo - glad you finally made it to the forum :)

The arrow bug is known, and scheduled to be fixed for the next update. In the meantime, a temporary workaround is to drop your current low quality arrows when you make a new one - and then just gather them up again afterwards.

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