Opening inventory gets wolf stuck


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Hey devs, I guess I have a new one for you. I didn't have the time to try to reproduce it.

So, this wolf attacked me and I opened my inventory by mistake while trying to equip the rifle.


As you can see I was still able to see the wolf in the blurred background, and it was stuck there running. So I selected my rifle, and I clicked equip ready to fire.


Surprise! The wolf was still stuck running in place, and didn't complete the attack. I had all the time to aim and shoot it between the eyes.

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For what it's worth, I know for a fact that animals can get stuck running in place, and not once was the inventory involved in any way when it happened to me, so you might just have picture evidence of the holy RNG grail, it happening the instant you opened the inventory by mere chance.

And it happened in Carter River, the only place I've seen animals that get stuck running in place. Er, in the open I mean, not when they're running into a tree or a rock, that's different, I think.

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Guest mcopeman

Sometimes animals collide on things and get stuck. I'll check out the wolves and rabbits. Thanks!


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