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Hi Hinterland!

As always, love the game, sorry for the bad english, so on and so on!

This is my whislist for the game!

1. As of now, I think the clothes you can craft is to good compared to the best clothes you can find. I have an easy solution. When I'm out hiking in the wildernes, I always carry small items in my pockets. I suggest that a normal pair of pants can carry an additional 0,5 kg, while cargopants can carry 1 kg, and the deerskinpants should have no additional space. As for jackets, I'm not sure, but maybe up to 1,5 kg extra for the best jackets (?)

I love micro-managing, but i know from the forums that the commutity is divided. I would like to be able to choose what to put in the extra pockets, and not just adding an aditional amount of Kgs to the pile.

2. I would like to be able to drop my backpak. Yes, this has been suggestet befor, but I would like to be able to drop the packpak, with the rifle still in my hands, and my pockets filled with ammo and beef jerky! That way you could run form a wolf, and maybe come back for the backpack later, with the risk of it beeing torn apart.

3. Frying pans/pots: In stalker only, I would like to carry a pot and a pan with me. I would need this only when cooking outdors or in a fireplace

4. The ability to build a drying-rack for the curing of hides. It would not be needed, but would cut the curingtime in half (?) Saplings and gut would do the job, and a drying-rack would hold 1 wolfskin or 2 deerhides or 3 rabbit-pelts. The bearskin would be to large/heavy i think.

5. The abilty to build a smoking-rack for meat. Dried meat would last longer, but it would only be possible to do this over a camp fire.

6. Re-starting a gone-out campfire, because I always do this myself when I'm out hiking/camping!

Thats all, hope to get some feedback from fellow players!

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+1 about the clothing. It creates a balance between the extra warm of the fur clothes vs some bonus of the pre-made clothing and offers the player another play style choice.

And I agree about the furs being OP.

-1 about the pot/pan. Unless I can dismantle them for metal scraps. :D I already carry too much junk around.

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