#51 Wolf stuck running v.071


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Bugname: Wolf stuck running

Description: At unnamed pond came upon a wolf that killed at deer. I lit a flare and was fairly close. Wolf tries to run but gets stuck in place while running. It did a 180 but was still stuck in place. It would stop running change directions then run in place . It moved normally after a few seconds ran onto the lake then came back towards me and got stuck again.

OS: Windows xp 32 bit (doing my part for the legacy testing)

Repro steps: as above

one time occurrence

No further steps required.


Visibility: once


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Still in v.075 Wolves still having problems around unnamed pond. Especially near rocks in screenshot. Both these wolves stuck walking in place. Also on the hill to the left of the screenshot a wolf was having trouble walking. It was rotating 90% right and left while walking.


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