My Modest (but complex) wishlist

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1) The ability to jump maybe not high when encumbered or in snow.

2) More animals like Bison(attacks if provoked), Foxes, insects(in general. can be eaten. some are poisonous), walrus, squirrels,and porcupines. And more hostile creatures.

3) Maybe multiplayer local (split screen Xbox one) and online.

4) Skill systems for advancing strength(endurance, carry capacity,.) if active and losing stats if not active.

5) Able to craft better backpacks for carrying more things.

6) Ability to read and learn things from books. (new crafting and cooking recipes for example).

7) melee fighting would be a plus and you could add a full sized axe as a tool and weapon.

8) animal companions to tame and care for like dogs, cats, and maybe even a horse! ( there are wild horses in Canada I checked).( they could do things like hunt or be ridden).

9) Seasonal Changes would be interesting because it seems to be eternal winter in the game. (just a thought). (over heating in the summer).

10) I would like the ability to craft tents and set them up and fire pits would be cool too along with fencing and gates.

11) the ability to plant gardens gain renewable food that way. ( especially if there are seasonal changes the rain could help grow plants).

I am new to the forums but love what I have played of this game on Xbox One early access so keep up the good work! (Feel free to reply honestly).

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Honestly I think some of the things you're asking for go against some of the main principles of the game. Multiplayer would be cool, but one of the biggest parts of the game is isolation. Part of the reason the aesthetic is so powerful is because you know you're all alone in this vast arena where everything is trying to kill you!

I would like to see more of a variety of creatures both hostile and non-hostile, but I don't want the game to become oversaturated either. The beauty of this game is in its simplicity. This goes for some of your other requests too, like animals companions and certain crafting options that would just make the game a bit boring after a while in my opinion. At a certain point, added options can make a game less challenging and in some cases change it in an unwanted way. This game is about survival, and uniquely so, in TLD death is designed to be inevitable.

I hate to sound like such a downer, especially when a lot of your suggestions are really good, and all of them could potentially make the game better if executed correctly. Some are just harder to pull off than others. I would like to see a little more depth in the game, but with what I think the developers are going for I don't think that the majority of your wishes will come true unfortunately. Still, all input is good input, and I thought I'd write down my thoughts since you asked for honest replies.

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I like the idea of being able to build some sort of quick shelter too. Something could be rigged with deer hide, gut and wood poles. I think the books, radios, car batteries etc. have been placed in the game for future use when we get to play the game full on. We'll have to wait and see what they have planned for us when the story plays out in full mode. Walrus wouldn't populate an area such as this in Canada. They would be in a more polar, tundra-like habitat. Insects aren't out in the winter.

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My source for Canadian animals may have been incorrect but it said walrus. ... nimals.asp

Then what about over time you get stronger as you are running and carrying these heavy things which would result in your endurance and strength increasing allowing for faster sprint and longer sprint ( i think they should add a sprint bar) and larger carry capacity. You know skill progression but not in a rpg like stat but like how crafting goes up but if you are inactive for to long it would go down?

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