Colonial Fur Trader / Trapper DLC


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Please consider making a colonial era (1700-1760's) fur trapping / trading DLC for TLD when you finally get it completed. The game engine works great and I can easily see something like this taking off within the community. We'd need to add in some actually NPC's to trade with, natives and colonists alike. Would be good to add in a traveling horse / mule to haul stuff. Would love to see what others think of this idea, but I for one would love to play a game like that.

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So I played a little TLD, got massacred by a wolf and thought I'd come back to flesh out this idea I have. It'd be great to start off making a character to play with stats that affect their ability to hunt, trap, repair, trade, etc. Then choose a starting nation, among them English, French, Dutch, German, and Native American which would determine what random area a player may start in and their starting gear. Players would have some basic gear and perhaps some unique gear common to their nation. German players may start with a long rifle, Native Americans with a bow / arrow / tomahawk etc. As far as maps, it'd be great if we were able to roam the Hudson Valley area, the Great Lakes and all the way up to Montreal. Crafting skills could be lifted straight from TLD and ported over with no real issue. Anyway, that's all I can think of now. Thoughts?

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You could just call it the "Coureurs de Bois" DLC...

Written over 100 years ago... (so please take the attitudes in context) also a translation from french...

Hymn to the coureur de bois

I fear not the Indian,

For I have keen hearing and bravery:

Such disregard for life,

Such love of liberty.

There is no breath, no murmur,

No rustling of the trees,

Not a single sound of nature,

That can imitate my voice.

My rifle is my sceptre,

The sky overhead my palace,

The soft lichen is my carpet,

The hills and forests my throne.

When the shadow of evening comes,

I make a bed of pine.

Lying close to the flame,

I sleep and dream ‘til morn.

Author: Translation of the poem by H.R. Casgrain cited in Nos Racines. #7. Montréal, Éditions T.L.M., 1979, p. 139.

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