Carter Dam Reset bug


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This is the second time this has happened to me. I have fully explored Carter Dam (while killing Fluffy) and looted everything. Once I've search the whole place I usually put all my items in one of the lockers, go outside the front door, and back inside in order to save the game since I've explored everything. I've found that if I've exited the game (in the last two cases I exited and turned off my Xbox) and then turned on and loaded my last save, I will spawn in Carter Dam but everything will be completely reset (and Fluffy has respawned).

The weird thing is my backpack still has everything from my last save, but the entire building has reset. I have not gone to see if this has reset other areas as well with items but will update on that as soon as I find out.

I also discovered that if I quit the game again when it had reset (back to Xbox Home menu) and loaded my last save it then brought up my correct save file.

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Guest mcopeman

I can't seem to reproduce this :( Any other details would help!

How long have you survived on this run? What difficulty level are you on? When are you powering off and what method are you using to power off (from the controller, voice prompt, from the console)? Are you switching users? Anything else that might be unusual?


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