Wild sense, Pass-time, slow-burning stove

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[My english is bad sorry]

The game is a pioneer of is kind. Realy good quality. and it's just Alpha lol. But beware to not make the game to .. confortable .. if you know what i mean .. no turret and missle for hunting and laser beam to cut wood.

bones from animals .. can create some cheap hunting knife? (to confortable?)

The wild sense, i mean, after a couple of time (maybe a year) your sense is more accurate (odor, hear and so on).

like a "spider sense" (but not too mush)

Pass-time; like a mini game (card, dice .. anything) To pass time yeah! Big snow storm -40°C (no way i stay inside) .. , plenty of water and meal .. let's sit and play.

Slow combustion (burning) stove; in this "mode" you cant not cook, boil .. but you have the light come from the fire (perfect for night) and a little heat .. for Fir wood only? .. but double the time a fir log burn .. perfect to play card, dice or tic-tac-toe at night with fluffy.

And for finish, some interaction with chair, table .. why ? i dont know but some time, just sitting and look inventories, eat, drink , can be inmersif (for me) .. i'm here for the rest of my life .. alone :cry: in the long dark

realy thanks guys and keep the good work! (i hope to see one day the four season (the vivaldi expension))

.. i realize now .. i'm here for the rest of my life .. alone :cry: in the long dark


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Thanks for the suggestions! You don't have to worry about us making the game "too comfortable". We haven't been holding hands so far, and I don't think we're going to start any time soon ;)

Welcome to the forums!

That's just what I want to hear!!! You guys are.awesome and seem to have a different mindset over other Survival games, which is awesome! This is about real survival! I can't wait to see this game get better and better!

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