What do you hear,feel,when you play TLD?


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Guys...did you ever catch yourself in a situation in game,when you suddenly just stopped and just listened sounds in game? :) After long running to escape wolves,to get yourself out of that awfull freezing cold,after many intense moments...did you had just to take a deep breath,just for a whille?

What did you hear then? What did you feel? How did you feel? I mean,when you`re in game,you become one with your character.You feel his pain,his joy,when he found usefull stuff,a relief,when he sees promising conture of a shelter far away.You feel with him/her.

I want to read interesting replies here. :) Let us forget about wolves,bears,..let us forget about all minimalistic things in game,which bothers us.Game is also a very beautyfull design,it is not only toughfull survival and frustrating "wolf avoiding thing".I want you to observe great landscape graphics,all detailed audio sounds,I want you to feel the game. :)

So,that it will be easyer for you,I will tell you,what I hear,what i feel,when I play game. :) It was today,when I was doing few trips between ML and CH maps.One moment,after fighting two wolves and dealing with heavy blizzard,starvation,thirst,sprained ankle,...I just stopped,whille I was on bridge in Ravine.For no reason,I simply stopped.And I started to listen.And,you know,what I heared? I heared sound of silence. :) No matter,if there was sound of crows flying by,relaxing sound of falling water,creepy sounds of wood on bridge...there was so silent.I literarly felt the heavy weight of silence.And,what was the feeling like? I felt such big lonelyness.It forced me realise,that my character is so alone in this wide open wilderness.And,just like he would start asking questions to himself,trough my head ran so many questions.Am I the only one? What happened with everything,I know? Is there any safe place? Is there any hope? I feel so small in comparisson to this great natural world...

So,guys...what do you hear?What do you feel,when you play TLD? :) Share your impressions.

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