Arrow harvest and re-craft possible bug


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I have 6 arrows in game, 2 of them are at 68%, 3 are at 52% and 1 was at 38%. I decided to harvest the 38% arrow in order to get all feathers and the arrowhead back. From the harvested arrow I got the arrowhead at 100% and all 3 feathers at 100%. I then took a arrow shaft at a 100% durability.

With all these items at 100% I assumed this would yield an arrow at 100% durability again. Instead I crafted the arrow and got a 52% durability arrow.

Is there a display error of when I harvest an arrow, it's showing me an incorrect durability of the items I received, or is there some bug involved here and I should have crafted a 100% arrow? Not sure, any info would be appreciate, thanks.

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