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Able to use bones from dead animals.

natural cordage.

Sinew from deer.

Cordage from roots and plants.

More plants for food and natural remedies, dyeing and shelter building.

Able to make fire with flint.

use flint as a tool, skinning animals.

Able to collect components for friction fire, i.e. bow drill.

Albe to construct shelters using material from forest.

different water sources and able to filter water different ways.

More wild animals.


Real time stars, able to learn to navigate.

Books that give you more skills after reading them. i.e. Foraging, Hunting and tracking, Trapping, Star Navigation.

Different knife, axes, weapons all to use for different skills.

Skills to make own clothes.


Diffrent traps.

Diffrent rucksacks.

Animal tracks.

Would love to see season change.

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Something I've thought of on and off this I got this game. How about a small closed in valley with it's own micro weather? Like warm,green,be able to grow things,a garden,with food that grows (simular to RL up north gardens.)in say 2-3 months? Then no more warmth or growing for 6-9 months. Rains in valley when snowing outside. The oposite weather of TLD areas. No animals! you have to return out side to get meats,etc. No real supplys that are not brought in. No long term storage,things have to be moved out of valley to store,You have to tend the crop and carry-save all harvest outside the valley some where. When-if the seasons change in the game? the valley weather -seasons changes also. No buildin type BC,a simple shelter only. fishing for different fish-larger. bee cool not to have to keep from freezing 24/7 for a bit. Be a treat ?

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