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I'd really like to be able to get rid of corpses in areas I visit frequently. So far the one that has really bothered me is the one in the Camp Cabin -- I would at least drag the damn thing outside and bury it in snow.

It would be cool to have a "Bury Corpse" mechanic where you could convert a corpse to a mount of snow, maybe with a wooden marker. I don't need it to be placeable, an automatic location would be fine.

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While being slightly distubing to shack up with a corpse, exterior corpses may be essential to your survival. Around day 130 I lost my remaing arrows in a runaway bear. Found the bear next day, no arrows. I made the trip back to ML, harvested all feathers from corpses at a cost of a bullet and flare. Went back to CH, made 8 arrows.

Like a ghoul, at day 170ish, I visit a corpse to harvest feathers for my remaing 18 shafts often, while checking snares.

What will I do to survive? Not bury anything.

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