Porcupines on trees?


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I'm usually not into asking for new species and unnecessary things! Perhaps I'm doing it right now. :lol:

So, how about some porcupines on trees? Really just a few of them. They spikes or quills are really useful in survival situation.

1. They not really need to be animated. (Hell yes, if you have the budget and will! :lol: )

2. They should just fall down from the tree if they hit by a bullet or an arrow.

3. Put them on dead standing trees to have at least a few percentage to spot one. (Maybe put them on live ones in Stalker mode, to make it almost impossible to find)

4. Make them color and shape to blend into the tree's silhouette. (To make them hard to find)

5. Place them high to make them difficult to shoot.

6. Porcupine quills + guts = improvised sewing kit? (That would be awesome)

7. Porcupine quills + guts = improvised fishing kit?

It would be great because:

- It's one more reason to go out into the wilderness. One more thing to worth looking at, so it means adventure!

- The players would need to look up this time. (Not just forward and to the ground)

- Another source for useful craftable items

- It's an option to resupply sewing kit in a realistic way.

- Fun!

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