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Okay, so I'm about 215 days in, I've got a nice set-up at Quonset Station going, with enough materials and hides to last me a long time, with the only thing pushing me elsewhere being the rapidly degrading stacks of matches.

So what am I to do? It would be downright stupid to leave all this stuff behind, but on the other hand, I'm rather bored.

I've got bows to spare, enough meat to last me for days, enough animal hides to repair my clothes even if I get pounced by a wolf several times in a row - there's nothing much for me to do really.

Every so often I'll encounter a wolf or two, shoot them and harvest their meat and guts, chop some wood, make some potable water; return, rinse and repeat.

Of course I could leave for Pleasant Valley - which I'll have to do sooner or later because my matches will run out, but at this point, that just doesn't seem like the smart thing to do: why leave all those mechanical parts, arrow shafts, hides, pieces of cloth behind?

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I'm in this exact same situation in Trapper Cabin at ML. I have 15kg of deer meat, about as much water, and have started to get decent at hunting. The animals seem a bit easier to find here if you only wing them and they run off and the wolf-deer double kills seem more common here too.

Anyway, I have 60 or so matches, about 10 metal and 10 cloth. I'm getting much better and wolf hunting so I'm less concerned about running low on bandages (and I have the full suit of animal hide clothes and plenty of hides to repair). Metal (for hooks to make hook and line to repair when the sewing kits run out) and of course matches. Those are two that are just not replaceable.

I figure I've got 200 or so days before things get dire, but may move on to CH now. I'm also having a hard time deciding what to bring. You can eat through a lot of extra food making trips back and forth, and the Ravine is only one careless step from insta-death, so I'm not excited about making half a dozen supply trips through there carting stuff over to CH.

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