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Today, we're excited to share the second article in a series written by Patrick Carlson. Throughout this series, Patrick will analyze a piece of survival “literature” — be it a novel, a film, a game, etc. — and frame it within the context of The Long Dark.

For this article, Patrick discusses the film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, which carries themes of survival and discovery similar to those found in The Long Dark, despite being set in a landscape far removed from the northern Canadian wilderness.


Enjoy and discuss!

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Great article Patrick! I am not totally sure Furry Road is necessarily a survival film at least not like Alive or something like that. As you pointed out about the Road Warrior it has survival aspects that are akin to the experience in TLD. I feel like survival was less of a focus in Fury Road and there was more emphasis on action. I loved Fury Road and I liken it to more of road/post-apocalyptic movie than survival.

The setting is classic post-apocalypse and there are no shortage of film/books that utilize this harsh environment as a backdrop for their stories. Similar to TLD the harshness of the environment tends to motivate the character, at least in the beginning. As you mentioned in the article this constant need to keep moving whether its to avoid conflict or you have exasperated resources is ever present in TLD.

Can't wait for the next one!


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I'm really interested in this idea of "running" or a "road movie" in terms of survival fiction. It certainly propels me in my own adventures.

I've never been the bunker-down type in The Long Dark. I'm always looking over the hill for the next discovery. I see some of that tension play out in a lot of disaster stories, especially the Mad Max universe. Max, and the others in Fury Road, have that interesting choice to make towards the end that drives their behavior.

So I ask myself: Am I responding to the same pressures when I work through and try to craft stories in survival sims like The Long Dark? An interesting question I think. Am I feeling some simulation of *hope* or do I just want to dig out the next rifle spawn?

Some of both I think. Which is probably why I have so much fun.

What do you think?


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"Hope" I think is the is the main drive for the survival genre in any of its forms. Combine with a "road movie" which I think has more of an "Exploration" feel to it and you get what the Mad Max Universe has created.

In the Long Dark I also have been the type to explore rather than bunker-down and rack up days. I just felt that the day count was something for the leader boards and the competitive types. The glory of the sandbox is both types of players can enjoy it in their own way.

I think there is clear simulation of "Hope" in TLD and it definitely drives me. I have created hundreds of mini stories playing in the sandbox and most of the drive is hope.

In one instance had things running smoothly and decided to make a supply run through the Coastal Highway. To make space for all the canned food and such I stored all but the essentials. After loading up with supplies I start to make my way back and get into a couple of wolf fights. Only brought one bandage so after the second fight I'm bleeding and of course here comes the blizzard. During the blizzard I get disoriented and stumble down a hillside. Now I am hobbled, bleeding, freezing and lost. As my strength diminishes I am dropping the very goods I intended to get on this quick little supply run. As the blizzard clears I am still barely alive and realize I just a few hundred feet from the trappers den. I couldn't press down hard enough on the "w" key as my real life body tensed up in hopes that I can make it to the door. "Come on buddy, you can make it" I say to myself as I stumble toward the door only to die a few feet away.

If that is not a "Hope" simulation than I don't know what is. However, I don't think every player see's it like that and for some it is all about getting the gun or killing bears. I don't think hope is something you can reliably create in the sandbox but the story mode will be ripe with opportunity for this mechanic.

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